1. Why should I customize? 

In today’s fast moving world an accessory not only carry our objects but they are an extension of our personal style and are our fashion statement. Imagine your favorite Genuine Leather Accessory made to your unique style and selection-Leather, Colour, Metal Accessory & Stitch, Names, Company Logo etc.

2. Why LT Go-Custom?

We noticed in a lot of customer interactions—at the offline Leather Talks (LT) store level and one to one interaction in institutional sales level, that the customer wants to have a say in the making of their accessory. Be the Leather, Colour, Metal Accessory & Stitch etc. Also a lot of times a fast moving Leather Talks (LT) product is not available at the store in a particular leather,colour, metal accessory & stitch etc. But now the customer can Choose, Customize and flaunt their favorite LT accessory made to their specifications not only at our stores but also sitting at their home.

3. What Leathers and colours are used for customizing an accessory at LT Go-Custom?

We are Leather Talks use the Leathers sourced from the finest of Tanneries. We offer Smooth, Grain, Croco & VT Leather. A few leather and colours are all time classics and a few are modern vibrant leather and colours.

4. How often are the new design available?

We offer a new Leather Talks accessory every week in the LT Go- Custom section. We notify you of new product launches via an email newsletter, so be sure to sign up with us.

5. What are the types of Customisation offered?

We have divided our products in four sections: Lifestyle–Men and Women, Travel, Bridal Accessories & Gifting. We offer selection of Leather, Colour, Metal Accessory & Stitch etc. in the customization services. Lifestyle Men and Woman & Travel offer a single product customization covering sections of Men Bags, Women Bags & Travel Duffle Bags and Strolleys. Bridal Accessories & Gifting offer multiple product customization via wedding packages and git sets.