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Are you worrying about how to maintain your precious iPad in good condition without stealing its gorgeous looks from it by inserting it in some clumsy cover?You can now easily do so with this black leather iPad cover from Leather Talks. The leather cover has been specifically designed to provide a safe and comfortable abode to the iPads, as it is lined with a velvety base, which ensures to keep the iPad extremely safe and secure, so as to protect it all time and also from shocks of every type. The great thing about this leather iPad cover is that it has been designed in a manner that the iPad can be placed erect without holding it with hands, which means that it has been equipped with a stand at the back, which is making the iPad to be placed in an erect manner conveniently and also use it with extreme ease- a factor which is rarely available with iPad covers. The designing of the cover has also been done extremely carefully, with the thickness of the rims kept to a minimum, so that the screen of the iPad is visible clearly and its beautiful charm is not hidden within the protective shield. This iPad cover is a winner, both in terms of looks and functionality.