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Painted with a rich brown color, this leather iPad cover is the ideal storage option for iPads, not only because it is provided with cushioned and smooth inner lining but also because it has been equipped with a stand, which makes placing the iPad erect over a table extremely easy and convenient. The lid of the iPad cover extends at the back and forms a stand, which allows the user to place the tablet erect over a flat surface and that too without hurting or damaging the tablet in anyway, as it has been provided with velvety lining at the base, which provides a comfortable resort to the iPad. The frame which has been designed to cover the iPad has also been designed with extreme precision, so as to comply with the standards of protection as well as to help the user to flaunt the beauty of the gadget that they are using. The frame sits tightly over the iPad, thereby providing it with optimum protection and support. Last but not the least, the lid part of the cover has been provided with slots, so as to make it easier and safer to place the tablet in a standing mode and adjust the slope in which it is standing.