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Ever seen a genuine leather iPad cover in a sweet and sexy pink color? You can now accessorize your beautiful gadget with a beautiful iPad cover indeed. This cover has been provided with cute looks and smart technological features to make this the ideal cover for iPads and any iPad owner who loves his or her gadget. This pink colored leather iPad cover has ideally been designed for ladies. However; the color is so charming and beautiful that it can be used by both the genders, as the color is not so girlish and comply with the requirements of the other gender as well. Unlike many iPad covers, this iPad cover is not only provided with leather covering but is also lined with velvet and cushioned lining on the interiors, which ensures complete protection and a comfortable stay for the precious gadget. While both its looks and comfort factors are top notch, the feature that is making this iPad cover a versatile one is that it is also equipped to be used as a stand, thanks to a metallic stand and the slots on the inner side of the lid of the iPad cover which aid in keeping the iPad erect or in a slanting manner, thereby making it a lot easier for the user to work on the iPad.