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Ever imagined that you can use a paper weight as a pen stand? While the vice-versa is sometimes true, you will be able to achieve the plan of using a paper weight as a pen stand with this beautifully and strategically designed paper weight pen stand 3 pieces set. The set contains 3 paper weight pen stands, all covered with assorted color (red, black and blue) colored leathers on the outside. The paper stands are enclosed in a wooden box, which can be easily opened to extract the stands. The top and front part of the wooden box is made of see-through fiber glass, which makes it easier to determine which color to opt for. Other than that, the box also has a tightening or securing holed fiber glass plate,. which is designed to be placed over the paper stands, so as to keep those in place. The paper stands have accommodations (holes, covered with metal lining) to accommodate a pen and are stuffed with metal ball bearings, which lend them sufficient weight to be used as paper weights.