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A piece of perfection in itself, this office handbag for men is a piece of sheer elegance and professionalism. Suitable for all sorts of official meetings and is sturdy enough to being carried on a regular basis, this leather handbag will never leave you craving for more office handbags ones you get your hands on it. Featuring a jet black color with an elegant smooth finish, this handbag has been exclusively designed to address the professional and masculine nature of men. The beauty of this handbag lies in the fact that whether you are planning to carry it for a client meet or to some official tours, you will never have to give a second thought about carrying it. Apart from the unwavering style and professional appearance, this handbag is also designed to meet your functional needs. While the zippered compartments provide enough space to use it functionally and creatively, the front and back fake flaps impart an appeal of higher security.