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13X13X5 Cms


160 Gram


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If you are girly, chirpy and at the same time, super elegant, you can definitely cannot afford to give this pretty and uniquely designed jewelry box a miss. Featuring a pretty unique shape, i.e., spade shape, this small and portable leather jewelry box is what you will be cherishing in all your family tours and parties. It is equipped with divided sections for storing small and flexible things like chains, studs and dangling earrings, rings etc. Apart from that, the box is also provided with a piece of mirror at the lid part of the box to make it easier to even view how you are looking in a pair of earrings or in a necklace when you dont have access to a dresser or mirror. The most important part is that the box is extremely easy to open and access, given that it has been removed of any sort of locking options.